No documents appear when clicking on SharePoint libraries in DMF


No documents or folders appear when clicking on a SharePoint document library in MacroView DMF despite the library being populated.



If you encounter this issue, please generate an information level trace file and check to see if it contains the following error message:

System.Xml.XmlException: Hexadecimal value 0x[..] is an invalid character

If this error message appears please try the following advice in this article.



When the DMF Client communicates with the DMF Service some responses are returned as XmlNode types.

If the SharePoint object model returns values that are invalid when included in XML, an ​InvalidOperationException is thrown when the response is deserialized by ASP.NET web services at the client.

The XmlTextReader does have a "Normalization" property which allows the XML reader to be more liberal and ignore invalid characters - but this option is not used within the automatically generated Web Service Client.



Remove Invalid Characters

​This error can be resolved in a number of ways, once the offending file(s) have been identified:

  • Ensure that metadata column values do not include/contain any invalid characters (see table below).
  • Office documents may also contain some of these invalid characters within their custom properties. To rectify this issue, the Office file must be deleted from SharePoint and then re-uploaded once the custom properties have been cleaned.

Invalid Characters

The following table details the characters that are not valid for web services XML serialization.

  0×00 0x0B 0×10 0x1A 0x7F
  0×01 0x0C 0×11 0x1B  
  0×02 0x0E 0×12 0x1C  
  0×03 0x0F 0×13 0x1D  
  0×04   0×14 0x1E  
  0×05   0×15 0x1F  
  0×06     0×16  
  0×07     0×17  
  0×08     0×18  


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