Advanced metadata capture in ClauseBank 365 using a List Template

MacroView ClauseBank provides provisioning for custom SharePoint columns to store ClauseBank related metadata including Expiry DateContent ExpertUpdate FrequencyDescriptionChecked Out To and more.

Support for these features are provided through a list template that must be uploaded to your SharePoint site collection.

  1. Download the ClauseBank list template from the Downloads site.
  2. In your web browser, navigate to your SharePoint Online (Office 365) tenancy and create a new site collection whose title contains the keyword "ClauseBank" (e.g. Initial ClauseBank).
  3. In your new site collection, click on Settings and navigate to Site Settings.
  4. Under Web Designer Galleries, click on List templates.
  5. Click on the Files tab on the top navigation bar and select Upload Document.
  6. Locate your downloaded List Template file and select Ok to upload.
  7. The Add a template window will now appear with each of the fields filled with default values. Click Save to upload the list template.

Once you have uploaded the list template, a new document library option with custom ClauseBank fields will be available in your Site contents view.

To create a new ClauseBank document library:

  1. Navigate to your SharePoint Site contents page.
  2. Click add an app and select 365 ClauseBank Template.
  3. Choose a name for your new ClauseBank 365 document library that contains the keyword "Clauses" or "Slides" (e.g. Legal Clauses or Summer 2017 Slides).
  4. Create some folders inside your ClauseBank document library and populate them with examples of documents containing formatted text and images you wish to re-use.

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