MacroView ClauseBank 8.4 release

MacroView ClauseBank 8.4 introduces number new and improved features including:

Update 8.4.16 release - January 2018

  • General bug fixes and improvements.

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Update 8.4.14 release - December 2017

  • Incrementally refreshes the tree view to reflect new and removed items while user browses for clauses.
  • The "All Categories" or "All Folders" tree view nodes can now be hidden.
  • Minimize button has been removed from the Insert Clause and Insert ClauseLink windows.

8.4.6 Release - August 2017

  • Content expiry and content expert notification on SharePoint Online. see more...
  • Insert Microsoft PowerPoint clauses in Word.
  • Options to display all libraries and to exclude specific libraries.
  • Options to show or hide ClauseLink functionality.
  • Copy and paste content directly from the full screen preview.
  • Re-brand elements of the ClauseBank User Interface.
  • See attached release notes full details.

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