Ensuring the account used to set up MacroView products on the SharePoint server has sufficient permissions


Ensuring the MacroView setup account for use on the SharePoint server has the necessary permissions.

This issue is quite common in larger organisations when Central IT gives the team installing MacroView products on the SharePoint server an account to use.


The simplest way for Central IT to ensure the account has the necessary permissions is to run the following script in SharePoint Management Shell (run as Administrator):

Get-SPDatabase | Add-SPShellAdmin domain\username

Among other things, this will allow the user to:

  • Run the SharePoint Management Shell as Administrator
  • Use PowerShell Add-SPSolution and other commands necessary to install MacroView products
  • Create, configure, and install search masks
  • Run Central Administration to
    • configure MacroView products
    • configure Search Managed Properties
    • set up the UDN and PEF Service
    • etc.


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