Permissions needed for DMF/Message in SharePoint Online


To be able to view a SharePoint environment in MacroView DMF and MacroView Message, users require the following minimum permissions:

  • Read permission to the root level of the parent site collection for the tenancy –
  • Read permission to the root level of any site collection containing content they need access to
  • Read permission to the nodes on the way down to where their content is.

To find out more about SharePoint permissions, access levels and how they can be used in your organisation, read the following article published on Microsoft Support - Understanding permission levels in SharePoint.


For SharePoint Online users

When you set or reset permissions you need to wait for SharePoint Online to re-index the area before DMF/Message can reflect them properly. This process can take a few hours to complete.

Once the permissions have been indexed, you may need to Clear Cache as well to remove any history of the old permissions from your local machine.

Clear Cache:

  • Close DMF Explorer, Outlook, Word, etc
  • Right-click on the DMF local service in the task bar and clear cache


For SharePoint Server (on-premises) users

SharePoint Server (on-premises) will update permission levels as soon as they have been made.

To reflect these changes in MacroView DMF/Message:

  • In the MacroView pane, select the site collection you wish to update
  • Right-click the site collection and select Refresh


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