Defining the the default filename for saved emails

The Outlook Format under DMF Options defines the default email naming system used when saving emails from Outlook into SharePoint.

The default [SenderName]_[SentOn]_[Subject_First20] has been selected because it is a good way of achieving informative and unique email naming as it is unlikely that one user would send two different emails in the space of one second with the same subject.

e.g.     Evan Williams_06Apr06 09.28.26_SharePoint consulting job

WARNING: Changing the default outlook naming convention may result in emails saved to SharePoint being overwritten if the defined naming convention does not ensure the name is unique.

The Lock Email Filename Locked option controls whether the user can change the default email naming convention. Organizations may choose to use this option in order to enforce a particular naming system. 

The filename can be customised to include any of the following information:

  • [SentOnToMillisecond]
  • [CreationTimeToMillisecond]
  • [SentOn]
  • [SentOnAsDbl]
  • [SentOnAsHex]
  • [SentOnAsGMT]
  • [SentOnAsGMTHex]
  • [SentOnAsGMTDbl]
  • [SentOn_YY-MM-DD_NoTime]
  • [SentOn_YY MM DD_NoTime]
  • [SentOn_YYYY-MM-DD_NoTime]
  • [SentOn_YYYY MM DD_NoTime]
  • [SentOn_YY-MM-DD_WithTime]
  • [SentOn_YY MM DD_WithTime]
  • [SentOn_YYYY-MM-DD_WithTime]
  • [SentOn_YYYY MM DD_WithTime]
  • [SentOnAsGMT_YY-MM-DD_NoTime]
  • [SentOnAsGMT_YY MM DD_NoTime]
  • [SentOnAsGMT_YYYY-MM-DD_NoTime]
  • [SentOnAsGMT_YYYY MM DD_NoTime]
  • [SentOnAsGMT_YY-MM-DD_WithTime]
  • [SentOnAsGMT_YY MM DD_WithTime]
  • [SentOnAsGMT_YYYY-MM-DD_WithTime]
  • [SentOnAsGMT_YYYY MM DD_WithTime]
  • [SenderName]
  • [SenderNameAsHex]
  • [SentOnBehalfOfName]
  • [SentOnBehalfOfNameAsHex]
  • [To]
  • [ToAsHex]
  • [CreationTime]
  • [CreationTimeAsDbl]
  • [CreationTimeAsHex]
  • [Importance]
  • [Size]
  • [Subject]
  • [SubjectAsHex]
  • [Subject_First#]                    (where # is any number)
  • [Subject_First#AsHex]           (where # is any number)
  1. When [Subject_First#] is used the actual number of characters used is # less any invalid characters that are removed.
  2. [SentOnBehalfOf] will insert the [SenderName] when the email is not sent on behalf of another user.
See also

For more information refer to section 10.2.12 of the DMF Installation and Configuration Guide available from the product download site.

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