Saving emails to SharePoint


MacroView DMF and MacroView Message offer a variety of different ways to save emails to SharePoint, giving users the freedom to choose the option most convenient to them.

  1. Select an email from your Outlook inbox and drag and drop it to a SharePoint location displayed in the Browse or Favorites mode in your MacroView pane.


  1. Right-click an email in your Outlook inbox and choose Save Message to SharePoint at the bottom of the right-click menu. The MacroView DMF screen dialog will display, allowing you to navigate and select a location to save your emails.
  2. If you're already viewing an email, click Save Message from the MacroView group on the Home tab.
  3. Using the MacroView Predictive Email Filing extension, drag and drop an email to the Drop Zone for DMF to automatically predict and file your email based on tracking tags and your filing behaviour.

Once an email has been saved, they will be marked with a yellow tag and labelled Saved to SharePoint indicating that they have been saved successfully.


Save emails in bulk

DMF and Message supports efficient bulk saving of emails via drag and drop, allowing you to select multiple emails in your inbox and drag them to a selected location in your SharePoint document store.

This process will automatically capture and save important metadata from each individual email without prompting the user to enter additional information, unless requested by your organisation.


Choose how your attachments are saved (single emails only)

DMF and Message also offer flexibility with how you choose to save single emails that contain attachments. 

By default, emails and their attachments will be saved together in a Microsoft Outlook .MSG file, capturing the the exact way format and contents of an email as it was sent. If you wish to split an email from its attachments when dragging and dropping to SharePoint, you can enable a setting in the MacroView Options menu.

For more information on choosing how attachments are saved, read the following MacroView Knowledge Base article: How to separate attachments from emails and save separately.

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