MacroView DMF and Message search panels

MacroView DMF and MacroView Message ship with two default search panels.  An Email Search panel and a Keyword Search panel.

These search panels both work with a standard set of “MacroView” columns which are then mapped to associated managed properties in Search. These managed properties must be defined properly for the search panels to work.

if you are using SharePoint On premises the MacroView DMF Installation Guide provided instructions for setting up your environment with the necessary manage properties.  If you are using SharePoint Online refer to Search configuration of SharePoint Online.
Customizing search panels
These panels can be customized by modifying an XML definition file called a search mask. Search masks use managed properties as their source.  For more information refer to Defining managed properties for search panels
You can add new controls to an existing Search Panel, or define additional new Search Panels by editing the definition file. The latter approach is recommended. By using this approach, you can ensure that the Search Panels that are available to the user reflect the metadata structures and other requirements of your organization.
Though the supplied existing search panels should not be edited, these panels can be used as examples for creating new tailored-search panels for your organization.
On-Premises SharePoint Servers
MacroView DMF Search Panels for on-premises SharePoint servers can be found on the server at:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\XX\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\MacroViewDMFSearch\SearchMasks.xml
These search panels are available from within MacroView DMF if the "DMF Search" feature is active on the content web-application.

Before making any changes to the search panels, you will need to deactivate the DMF Search feature.
To install a search panel execute the command below in a command prompt:

To delete a search panel execute the command below in a command prompt:

dmf.searchmasks.exe -delete YOURSERVERURL PANELNAME

Please note that you will need to re-activate the DMF Search feature on the correct web application for the changes to take effect. The file dmf.searchmasks.exe is available from MacroView on request.

MacroView consultants are experts in SharePoint document management, and they can assist you in customising your search based on your organizations unique requirements.

SharePoint Online or Client Side Only Mode
When running MacroView DMF with SharePoint Online or against an on-premises server using Client Side Only mode the search panels definition can be found on the client computer in the users profile at:

\AppData\Roaming\MacroView DMF\Store\O365Mask.xml
If the O365Masks.xml file is invalid or not present MacroView DMF will provide the default set of search masks.
Defining the search panel 
For information on defining the name, source, controls and other elements of a search panel refer to Defining custom search panels for DMF and Message
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