Filtering search masks on content type

To filter MacroView DMF and Message search masks to based on content type, user the "where" clause in the mask header as follows:


  • <Mask Name="Mask name" TrimDuplicates="False" EnableStemming="True" Scope="legal" Where="ContentTypeId:0x01*">


  • Return documents and folders


  • Return document sets only (if using document sets for projects then this becomes a project search)


  • Return custom document sets 


  • Return items that match particular content types only 

Where="ContentTypeId:0x010100776D10CC9E0943CEA6FE18350BDDD96C* OR ContentTypeId:0x010100BF89298E8523354B99672AB5830DD26A* OR ContentTypeId:0x0120D52000075BF3D401122B4181DA22E66098D4F1* OR ContentTypeId:0x010100776D10CC9E0943CEA6FE18350BDDD96D*" >

  • Return folders


  • Return files



  • Folders and document sets can be returned in search results. If a user double clicks on, or Opens, a folder MacroView DMF will switch to browse mode and open the selected document set or folder
  • If you want documents only don’t include the Where clause
  • If you want documents, folders and document sets use Where="ContentTypeId:0x01*"
  • The Where clause overrides DMFs automatic restricting of the results to documents so results will include aspx pages. To prevent this include the following in your Result Source:
    • o -fileextension:aspx
  • MacroView DMF only returns documents, folders, and document sets so other types of item are not returned in search

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