Split off attachments and save separately

Key features:

  • There are three options for saving emails and attachments in MacroView DMF to SharePoint:
    1. Save complete message
    2. Save message body and attachments separately
    3. Show Email Save Options dialog
  • Users have the option to specify a default setting without needing to respond to additional prompts OR choose how they want to save each email through a dialog.


MacroView DMF 8.4.1243 and later gives users the ability to split off attachments and save them separately when saving individual email messages from Outlook to SharePoint.

This functionality is controlled via a user option setting named Save Attachment Type, found in MacroView DMF under Options > Office (pictured below).




Save Attachment Type contains three different values to choose from that allows for greater flexibility when saving emails and/or attachments:

  • Save complete message (default):

Save the email including its attachments in a single *.msg file.

  • Save message body and attachments separately:

Save the message body and its attachments separately.

  • Show Email Save Options dialog:

Show the Email Save Options dialog (pictured below) with the following options, allowing the user to specifically select how an email and its attachments are saved (defaults to most recently selected option).




Note: By leaving Save Attachment Type in its default state (Save Complete Message), emails saved to SharePoint will behave in the same way as previous versions of MacroView DMF.

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