Search Site Tree

The Search Site Tree command is a quick and efficient way to find and navigate to sites (webs) and document libraries in SharePoint 2010 servers and to sites (webs), document libraries, folders and document sets in SharePoint 2013 and 2016 servers.

Right clicking anywhere in the in a MacroView DMF or Message tree view (in Browse mode) and select the Search Site Tree option then enter a word or phrase contained in the title or name of the area to which you wish to locate.

The matching areas are found across the entire server branch of the selected node no matter how deeply nested they are within the SharePoint tree structure.  Select the required result and click OK and MacroView DMF or Message will navigate to the selected node in the current tree view.

Search Site Tree is also a great way to quickly locate a location in your SharePoint document store so that you can add that location to your favorites.   To create a favourite from any result returned by the search, right-click on the grey star next to the result and select Add to Favourites.  The star will be yellow if the location already exists in your favourites.

Customising Search Site Tree

Search Site Tree on SharePoint 2013 and 2016 by default allows you to search on Site, Libraries, folders or document sets however the default behavior can be changed by configuring a custom query under SharePoint Administration.

For example you can define a custom definition to add an or remove options or to set the default selection state of each option in the Search Site Tree dialog. 
This is done by adding a XML string in the Custom search site tree definition: box on the web app settings for DMF in Central Admin.

The above example is created using the following XML:
<searchsitetreetypes title="Search Site Tree" label="Query" menutext="Search Site Tree">
  <type text="Sites" query="(contentclass:STS_Site OR contentclass:STS_Web) AND (path:http://myserver) selected="false" />
  <type text="Libraries" query="contentclass:STS_List_DocumentLibrary AND (path:http://myserver) AND NOT (ListUrl:/Shared Documents/) AND NOT (ListUrl:/Documents/) AND NOT (ListUrl:/SiteCollectionDocuments/) AND NOT (ListUrl:/SiteCollectionImages/) AND NOT (ListUrl:/FormServerTemplates/) AND NOT (Title:Documents)" selected="false" />
  <type text="Libraries All" query="contentclass:STS_List_DocumentLibrary AND (path:http://myserver)" selected="false" />
<type text="Folders" query="(ContentTypeId:0x012*) AND NOT (ContentTypeId:0x0120D5*) AND (path:http://myserver)" selected="false" />
<type text="Document Sets" query="(ContentTypeId:0x0120D5*) AND (path:http://myserver)" selected="false" />


  • When you have a custom definition for search site tree the default options are overwritten so you mus define all required options.
  • If the XML syntax is incorrect the xml is removed so you should always take a back up before making changes

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