How to automatically file emails to SharePoint


MacroView DMF and Message can be configured to automatically file incoming and outgoing emails from Outlook to SharePoint.

First, we need to ensure that automatic email filing is enabled.

  1. a. (From Outlook) Select MacroView in the ribbon bar > Options.


  1. b. (From MacroView DMF Explorer) Select File in the ribbon bar > Options.
  2. To automatically file incoming/received mail, mark the Automatically file received emails checkbox.
  3. To automatically file outgoing/sent mail, mark the Automatically file sent emails checkbox.


Next, we need to introduce Email Filing Rules so that Outlook knows which emails to file and where to store them.

  1. Click the Email Filing Rules button pictured in the screenshot above.
  2. You will be met with a new dialog box that shows your current email filing rules. The Received Rules and Sent Rules tabs separate your rules so you can easily keep track of what comes in and what goes out. Since we haven't set up any rules, the content in both tabs are empty.


  1. To create a new incoming email rule, select the Received Rules tab in the top-left corner, then click Add. (Note: If you want to create a new outgoing rule, make sure you select the Sent Rule tab instead).
  2. The Rules Settings dialog will now appear, allowing you to fill in the details for your rule. These include:
    • Name - for your identification purposes.
    • Condition - rule(s) that need to be met for emails to be filed. Properties include To, From, CC, BCC, Subject and Message Body.
    • Save location - where emails that meet the condition will be filed.

Let's create a rule for "Tom's Rowing" so that all emails received from any user with the domain "" will be filed to a Tom's Rowing correspondence SharePoint site.


  • To do this:
    1. Create a name for the rule. In this example we will name the rule "Tom's Rowing".
    2. Next, click the Add button on the right to add conditions to the rule. To filter all emails received from Tom's Rowing we'll select the property "From", type the keyword "" and finally select the Any of these words option. Click OK to apply the filter and close.
    3. Finally, we need to set a location for where these filtered emails will be stored. Click the Save To ... button to open your SharePoint tree view and select a location.
    4. After completing the above steps, click OK to create your new incoming mail rule. You will notice the Email Filing Rules window now contains the new rule.


With your new email filing rule complete, MacroView DMF/Message will now filter all emails that contain "" anywhere in the "From" field, allowing you to automatically capture and store emails from any account using their domain.

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