How to show public and private groups sites


MacroView DMF 8.4.1235 introduces the ability to view Public and Private site collection groups from SharePoint Online (Office 365).

You will be able to interact with private or public group sites the same way in which you can with existing SharePoint collections - e.g. save, view and open documents and emails.

The permissions for the new site and library are as defined by the group and are automatically respected by MacroView.


To enable this functionality:

  1. a. (From Outlook) Select MacroView > Options > Servers


  1. b. (From MacroView DMF Explorer) Select File > Options.
  2. Select your SharePoint Online (Office 365) server which contains your public/private groups and click Edit.
  3. Click the "Show Private Group sites" checkbox.


Public and private groups that you have access to will now appear in your MacroView DMF tree view. 

Note: You may experience a delay before newly created public or private group sites are visible in MacroView DMF tree view.

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