How to create a new SharePoint favourite

SharePoint favourites grant you one-click access to view and manage the files stored in the corresponding area of SharePoint. You can save emails or attachments to SharePoint by dragging and dropping them to the corresponding SharePoint Favorite folder in Outlook.

  1. Right click on either a library, folder or document set wherever you can see the MacroView DMF/Message tree view.

  2. Select Add to Favourites.


  1. Your SharePoint Favorites can be arranged in Groups, much like Favorites in Internet Explorer. Choose the group where your new Favorite is to be created.
  2. MacroView DMF/Message will assign a default display name to your new SharePoint Favorite. You can adjust the display name if you wish – e.g. to make it shorter.


  1. Click OK – your new SharePoint Favorite will appear in your Folders pane.


Advanced Tip:

Your System Administrator can arrange for new SharePoint Favorites to be created automatically for you. These automatic Favorites (sometimes called ‘Push’ Favorites) are called Subscriptions. New Subscriptions appear when you next start Outlook. You can also click on SharePoint, Refresh Favorites to force any new Subscriptions to be displayed.

'Push' Favourites is available as a licensed plugin for MacroView DMF and MacroView Message. Contact MacroView Services for licensing enquiries or more information.

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