Rebranding / Localisation


MacroView has extensive localisation and language customisation capabilities which allow organisations to tailor MacroView DMF to meet their internal marketing and regional language requirements.

One example of where localisation can be particularly useful is to "rebrand" MacroView DMF so that references to SharePoint or MacroView DMF throughout the user interface are replaced with the internal name of your organisations Document Management Solution.

To learn more about what areas of DMF support rebranding, how it works and how to configure, please refer to the DMF Rebranding User Guide.


Close Microsoft Outlook, DMF Explorer (if applicable) and the MacroView DMF Local Service then download and run the DMF Rebranding installer that corresponds with your installation of Windows.

 DMF Rebranding plugin 1.0.0

Minimum requirements
  • MacroView DMF 7.10 or later
  • Microsoft Office 2010 or later
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