[YouTube] Getting started with MacroView DMF and Message

The playlist above contains 13 short videos that briefly demonstrate the key features of MacroView DMF and Message. Whether you're a new user looking for somewhere to start or an existing user interested in a refresh, this is the best place to start.

  1. (2:04) Introduction to MacroView DMF in Microsoft Office and Outlook
  2. (0:51) How to preview documents and emails in SharePoint
  3. (1:35) Searching for documents and emails in SharePoint based on metadata
  4. (1:44) New right-click options available in DMF Explorer including version history and check-out
  5. (2:47) How to view and navigate SharePoint document stores in Outlook and DMF Explorer
  6. (2:36) Saving email and attachments to SharePoint - Drag and drop, 'Saved to SharePoint' tags, metadata and naming conventions
  7. (0:58) Demonstration: Saving Outlook emails in bulk to SharePoint
  8. (1:18) How to automatically file incoming and outgoing emails from Outlook to SharePoint
  9. (2:28) Document version control, saving files with illegal characters to SharePoint and attaching files from SharePoint to an Outlook email
  10. (2:53) Saving documents and entering metadata directly to SharePoint in Microsoft Word
  11. (1:58) How to upload any file from Windows Explorer to SharePoint, separately or in bulk
  12. (1:44) How to move and copy files between SharePoint online and SharePoint on premises
  13. (2:22) Advanced configuration - Delete emails on save to SharePoint, Save on Send, registry settings and additional view options
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