What is MacroView Predictive Email Filing (PEF)?


MacroView Predictive Email Filing (PEF) automatically files sent and received emails based on where other similar emails have been saved.

As you save an email, MacroView PEF checks to see if the Subject contains a Tracking Tag. This tracking tag identifies the area in SharePoint where an earlier email in the same discussion thread has already been saved.

Tracking tags can be set in one of two ways:

  1. Tracking Tags - MacroView PEF creates and inserts tags automatically using a prefix that identifies your organisation.
  2. User-Defined Tags - Your organisation inserts its own tags into the subject of each sent email (e.g. [Policy XXXX]), or users can insert their own tags as they draft emails. MacroView PEF can be configured to recognise tags in any format that can be defined with a .NET regular expression.

If no tracking tag is detected, MacroView PEF suggests locations for saving the email based on where other emails from the same sender (incoming emails) or to the same recipient (outgoing emails) have previously been saved by any user in the organisation.

Tracking tags can be manually configured by an organisation to add additional structure or adhere to company wide policy.

Activating MacroView PEF adds a Drag files here drop zone to your MacroView pane (pictured below).



Instead of manually navigating to a SharePoint site, document library or folder to store an email, users are able to drag their files to Drag files here to activate MacroView PEF and let it auto file to the appropriate area or suggest a location to save.

MacroView Predictive Email Filing (PEF) is an extremely powerful tool to easily streamline the storage and filing of emails and attachments. It is optional module to MacroView DMF and Message and is compatible with SharePoint on-premises solutions.

Contact MacroView Services for licensing enquiries or more information.

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