Open in File Explorer


Adds a new right-click option to open Windows File Explorer at the selected location in SharePoint when a site, library, document set or folder is chosen.

How it works

  1. Open MacroView DMF Explorer or Outlook (with DMF/Message installed).
  2. Go to the MacroView Tree View pane and navigate to the SharePoint location you wish to view in Windows File Explorer.
  3. Right-click the location and select Open in File Explorer.




Close Microsoft Outlook, DMF Explorer (if applicable) and the MacroView DMF Local Service then download and run the installer package that corresponds with your installation of MacroView DMF or MacroView Message.

Open in File Explorer Plugin for x64 Windows

 Open in File Explorer Plugin for x86 Windows

Minimum requirements:

  • MacroView DMF or MacroView Message 8.4.1122 or later


To find out if your customisation has been installed correctly check this help centre article.

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