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The Create Site plugin for MacroView DMF and MacroView Message provides a shortcut to open the New SharePoint Site creation page when you right-click on any site collection node in the DMF Explorer or DMF Outlook pane.

How it works

Create Site adds a new option in the right-click menu.


A new Create Site menu option will appear when you right-click a site collection. This option provides a shortcut to the New SharePoint Site creation page in the browser for the corresponding site providing you have appropriate permission/access on SharePoint.


If the SharePoint site hasn't been shared with you, you will receive the following error message.


If you do not have the appropriate permission/access to create a new SharePoint site, you will be met with an error message. Based on your SharePoint settings you may also see a text box to request access from an administrator.



Close Microsoft Outlook, DMF Explorer (if applicable) and the MacroView DMF Local Service then download and run the installer package that corresponds with your installation of MacroView DMF or MacroView Message.

Create Site plugin 1.0.0

Minimum requirements:

  • MacroView DMF or MacroView Message 8.4.1122 or later


To find out if your customisation has been installed correctly check this help centre article.


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