Overview of MacroView DMF & Message Plugins

Extend MacroView DMF and Message functionality with a range of easy to install plugins. 

Note: The below plugins require MacroView DMF or MacroView Message.

Name Description Availability
Create Document Create Office documents based on your Office templates and have them saved directly to SharePoint with a simple right-click on any library, document set or folder in DMF Explorer or DMF Outlook pane. Free download
Open in File Explorer Open Windows File Explorer at the selected location in SharePoint via a right-click in the DMF Outlook pane or DMF File Explorer for SharePoint. Free download
PDF Extension Pack

Send As PDF - Send files in SharePoint as a PDF formatted attachment with a single right-click in the MacroView DMF or Message file list.

Copy As PDF - Make a PDF copy of documents in SharePoint in the same location as the original file via a single right click in DMF Explorer or DMF Outlook pane.

More information
Create Site Open the Create Site browser page in SharePoint via a right click on any site collection node in DMF File Explorer or DMF Outlook pane. Free download
Default Person Group Default specified person/group properties to the current user when saving new documents or emails. More information
Send To Save file(s) hosted in SharePoint to a separate cloud storage service. Free download
Matter Center Connector The MacroView Matter Center connector automatically records email properties as well as other metadata fields such as Matter ID, Matter Name, Client ID, Client Name, Practice Group and Area of Law to provide a zero profiling user experience Contact Us
Email Submission Connector Automatically record email properties in the out of the box SharePoint Email Submission content type to provide a zero profiling user experience. Contact Us
Open With... Open and save files from MacroView DMF / Message using any compatible program installed on your workstation Included by default with MacroView DMF and Message 7.10 or later
Taxonomy Search Contol Add drop down menu controls for managed metadata properties on search panels. Contact Us


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