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The MacroView Help Centre provides access to all the latest MacroView product news, information and downloads.

From the Help Centre you can:

  • view the latest product news and information
  • search the support knowledge base
  • follow knowledge articles or sections (registered users only)
  • comment on knowledge articles and feature suggestions (registered users only)
  • submit a support request (register users only)
  • view your support request activity (registered users only)
  • download the latest software and documentation (registered customers and evaluators only)
  • download product customisations (registered customers only)

For more information on creating a Help Centre account refer to this article.

Raising a support request

Support requests can be raised by emailing support@macroview.com.au, or for registered users by clicking Submit a request in the top right corner of any page on the Help Centre.

For more information on submitting support request refer to this article.

Feature Requests

Feature requests can be raised by emailing support@macroview.com.au, or for registered users by clicking Submit a request in the top right corner of any page on the Help Centre.

Feature requests will be registered with our product team for consideration in a future release.  You will be provided a feature reference number and will be notified when its status changes or it becomes available in a product release.

In some cases requested features may be possible via a customisation in which case we will contact you to determine if a proposal is required.

Licensing and renewal enquiries

For enquiries regarding product licensing and license renewal email services@macroview.com.au

Product Downloads

MacroView product downloads are available via the Help Centre to registered customers and evaluators.  


If you would like to trial a MacroView product, complete the Request for more information form.

After you submit the Request for more information form, MacroView Services will send you an email with a trial license key within 24 business hours. You will need this key to activate the software after it is installed. If you do not receive a license key within 24 hours please email services@macroview.com.au

Then follow the steps on the the evaluation page for the required product:

When MacroView Services send your license key they will also setup your Help Centre account (if you have not already done so) to provide you access to additional product manuals, plug-ins and other content from the Downloads page.  

You can then sign in to the Help Centre (using your email address) if you need to raise support requests.  

For more information on managing MacroView 365 and Client Side Only licenses refer to this article

Existing Customers

Once you register and sign in to the Help Centre (using your email address) you will have access to downloads for each product you are licensed to install as well as any of your organisations MacroView product customisations.

How to be notified of new product releases

If you want to be notified by email when a new version of a MacroView product is released you can follow the Announcements section in the Help Centre.

You can also follow other sections or articles in the MacroView Help Centre to be notified when content is added or updated.


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