Key feature history

Following is a list of the key features and enhancements introduced in previous version of MacroView DMF.

MacroView DMF 8.4

  • SharePoint 2016 support
  • Improved performance when working with SharePoint Online
  • Extended Search Site Tree options
  • Locate preview pane below or to the right of the list view
  • Client installation aligned with Windows
  • View Private and Public group sites
  • Split attachments and save separately

MacroView DMF 8.3

  • Streamlined license activation for SharePoint Online and Client Side Only
  • Faster searching for documents and emails in both SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises
  • Significantly faster display of right-click menus for items in SharePoint Online file lists
  • Improved support for Group By views
  • Improved support for copying and moving files between SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises
  • Control of whether Predictive Email Filing tags are issued for particular servers (web applications)
  • Version history is available on SharePoint Online and Client Side Only servers

MacroView DMF 8.2

  • Improved upload and download performance
  • Various enhancements to search interface for SharePoint Online

MacroView DMF 8.1

  • Support for Office 2016

MacroView DMF 8.0

  • Support for Adobe Reader / Acrobat DC, XI and X
  • Improved handling of Recents, Favorites, etc.



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