MacroView DMF / Message 8.4 release

MacroView DMF 8.4 and MacroView Message 8.4 introduce support for SharePoint 2016 along with a number of other new features. 

Update 8.4.1340 - March 2018

  • Changes to saving of emails to improve Outlook stability and address reported Outlook freezes.   
  • Bug fixes.


  • This update requires that users of MacroView UDN/AOI also upgrade to UDN/AOI Client version 6.1.17
  • Some DMF and Message customisations need to be updated to work with this version. MacroView are updating affected customisation and will notify clients directly but any existing customisation should be tested with this new version before deployment.   

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Update 8.4.1331 - February 2018

  • Support for paging of files in the file list when using multi-level Group By View on SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016 on-premises servers.
  • Support for folder and document set names containing some additional special characters now supported on SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online.
  • Support added for document names containing some additional special characters now supported on SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online.
  • Support added for creation folders in documents sets via the right click menu on on-premises servers.
  • Support added for using Save on Send in conjunction with Outgoing Email Filing Rules.
  • The refresh indicator is now shown when there are new child folders or document sets below the selected item.
  • Resolves issues with searches not being able to be executed in Outlook after applying the  October 2017 Microsoft Outlook security update.
  • Bug fixes.

Update 8.4.1317 - November 2017

  • An additional Save Attachment Type option has been added under DMF Options > Office to allow saving the complete message (including it attachments) as well as a separate copy of the attachments. see more...
  • The file list in Outlook has been updated to function correctly after applying the Microsoft October 2017 security updates, without the need to enable roaming folder homepages via the registry. see more...
  • Nodes to trigger filter and Nodes to block Show All settings are now respected when expanding the tree view on SharePoint Online (Office 365) for improved navigation in environments with more than 500 webs or site collections at any one level.
  • You can now lock down the save location associated with a user-defined tag via the registry so that they cannot be changed by end users when using MacroView Predictive Email Filing. see more... 
  • The document id property in older format .DOC properties are now stripped before uploading documents to SharePoint using Save As to SharePoint to reduce the likelihood that out-of-date document ids are retained by SharePoint.
  • Support added for saving Outlook meeting forward requests.
  • Bug fixes.

Update 8.4.1305 - October 2017

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Update 8.4.1298 - September 2017

  • Improved support for navigating large numbers of folders at any one level in a library. Expanding a node that contains more sub folders than specified by the Nodes To Trigger Filter value will now automatically display the filter dialog.
  • Clearing a filter on SharePoint Online site collections or site nodes now re-expand the node without automatically triggering the filter dialog.
  • Support added for Transport Layer (TLS) protocol version 1.2.
  • The maximum number of parallel processes that are used when uploading files can now be configured via a registry setting.  

Update 8.4.1260 - July 2017

  • Changes to the way in which the tree view is loaded when starting DMF Explorer, Outlook or any DMF or Message save or insert dialog. This reduces the likelihood of application ‘freezes’ when users have large numbers of nodes in their local DMF tree cache.
  • Group by views now respect the option to show all items within folders in SharePoint.

Update 8.4.1243 - June 2017

  • Support for splitting off attachments and saving them separately. See more...
  • Show Public and Private Groups sites on SharePoint Online (Office 365). See more...
  • Support added for folder and document set level default views.
  • Users with appropriate permissions can discard a check out on a document checked out by another user.
  • MacroView DMF Explorer displays a splash screen on initial start-up.
  • Improved performance when working with SharePoint Online

Update 8.4.1218 - May 2017

  • Support added for inserting Document ID redirection style hyperlinks from Client Side Only servers.
  • When Delete emails on save to SharePoint is enabled the “Saved to SharePoint” category is set before the emails are deleted so that they can be identified in the deleted folder in Outlook.
  • Client Side Search Mask definitions can be updated from a central location in SharePoint.
  • MacroView Predictive Email Filing is now considerably faster when saving multiple emails.
  • Processing dialogs are no longer displayed when automatically uploading emails due to incoming filing rules or MacroView Predictive Email Filing.
  • Auto-reply emails such as Out of Office, message recalls, meeting requests and acceptances are excluded from automatically filing by incoming email filing rules or MacroView Predictive Email Filing.
  • Support added for Filtering Site Collections by Favourites on SharePoint Online and Client Side Only servers.
  • The default sort order in client side search masks can now be defined.
  • Filters are no longer applied to the site collection on a refresh on SharePoint Online and Client Side only servers when the Enable navigate to last location on refresh is enabled.

Update 8.4.1117 - March 2017

  • Improved support for multi-language SharePoint environments where library titles differ based on the user’s culture settings.
  • Version comments are displayed as a tool tip on the version number drop down menu when inserting attachments.
  • Support added for defining result sources and restricting search masks to a particular server in client side search masks.
  • The refresh indicator is no longer displayed on nodes in tree view if the only changes are deleted documents folders or document sets.

Update 8.4.1072 - February 2017

  • Clear Filter re-expands the selected node in tree view after removing the filter.
  • When applying a filter to a tree node, the filter text defaults to the existing or most recently applied manual filter.

Update 8.4.1050 - January 2017

  • Support for stemming the stemming and trim duplicates mask attributes in Client Side Only search masks.
  • Bulk file uploads are processed in parallel.
  • Depreciated terms no longer appear when selecting a term for a managed metadata column.
  • The expansion state of all tree nodes types is now retained on a right-click Refresh.

Update 8.4.1031 - December 2016

  • Improved performance of the people picker control when using on-premises SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016 servers.
  • The Delete emails on save to SharePoint setting is ignored for emails auto saved by incoming or outgoing email filing rules.
  • Improved performance when working with SharePoint Online.

8.4.1005 Release - November 2016

  • SharePoint 2016 support.
  • Preview pane can now be located below or to the right of the list view.
  • New Search Site Tree options.
  • Support for Group by Views defined as ‘Expanded’ by default in SharePoint.
  • Customisable search panels on SharePoint Online and Client Side Only servers.
  • Items deleted from SharePoint Online are added to the recycle bin.
  • Save all messages in a conversation by drag an dropping the conversation header.

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