Key feature history

Following is a list of the key features and enhancements introduced in previous version of MacroView ClauseBank.

MacroView ClauseBank 8.4

  • Content expiry and expert notification on SharePoint Online (Office 365)
  • Support for inserting Microsoft PowerPoint clauses in Word
  • Options to display all libraries and to exclude specific libraries
  • Options to show or hide ClauseLink functionality
  • Support for copy and pasting content directly from the full screen preview
  • Support for re-branding elements of the ClauseBank User Interface

MacroView ClauseBank 8.3

  • ClauseBank Agent
  • Insert Microsoft Word clauses in PowerPoint presentations
  • Expand ClauseLinks in document headers and footers

MacroView ClauseBank 8.2

  • Document type icons now display in the insert dialog box.
  • Description property field recognizes email and web address links.
  • New Clause people picker support in Office 2016.

MacroView ClauseBank 8.1

  • Microsoft Office 2016 support.
  • Support for ClauseBank on SharePoint Online (Office 365).
  • Improved performance and interface update.
  • ClauseBank options available from the ribbon Home tab, Options button in Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  • Navigation by folders and sub folders or by categoriesDrag and drop support for adding, removing and re-ordering clauses.
  • Add new clauses directly from within Microsoft Word or PowerPoint by simply selecting the required content within a document or presentation, right-clicking and choosing the New Clause option.


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