Document Check In, Check Out in MacroView DMF and Message


MacroView DMF streamlines the out-of-the-box SharePoint check in/check out process, making it work similarly to a traditional document management system.

lightbulb.png Tip: When you check out a document, it lets all other users know that you have reserved the document to edit. While you have the document checked out, other users will not see any changes that you save - instead they will continue to see the most recent version of the document prior to your check out.

By default, MacroView DMF will automatically check out a document as you open it for editing.

This is designed to promote good document management discipline by:

  • Allowing you to edit a document over multiple sessions
  • Informing others that you are currently working on specific documents
  • Prevents others from editing a document while you are working on it


How to check out a document

To check a document out for editing:

  1. Navigate through the MacroView DMF tree view and find the document you wish to work on
  2. In the file list (central pane), double-click the file to open it in the appropriate Microsoft Office application.


  1. As the application loads, DMF will automatically check out the document to you and display a small, green arrow indicating that it's checked out. You can also configure a column in your SharePoint library that displays the name of the person who has checked out the document. Both of these indicators are circled and pictured above.


How to check in a document

Once you have finished making changes to your document it's time to save and check in to make it accessible to other users. To check in:

  1. Save your document using the regular Save button or with the shortcut CTRL + S
  2. Close the document by clicking the 'X' in the top right of the window.
  3. You will now be prompted with a new popup window asking if you would like to check in the document. Click Yes to proceed.


  1. If version control is enabled in your document's save location, you will be prompted with another window asking if you would like to add any comments to associate with your latest changes. Add any comments, then click OK to proceed.



Manage check in and check out directly from right-click menu

You don't have to open the document to be able to check it in or out.

If you want to reserve a document to work on later, or check a document back in without opening the appropriate Microsoft Office application:

  1. Right-click the file in the MacroView DMF tree view
  2. Select the appropriate option highlighted below:


lightbulb.png Tip: If you've checked out a document but don't wish to make any changes to it, you can select Discard Check Out shown in the screenshot above to discard the check out status and any changes made to that document while it's been checked out to you.

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