Solution to October 2017 Outlook update


The November 2017 release of MacroView DMF and MacroView Message provides a fix for the missing file view issue caused by a October 2017 Microsoft Outlook update.

MacroView DMF and Message 8.4.1317 includes the following change:

The file list in Outlook has been updated to function by default after applying the Microsoft October 2017 security updates without the need to Enable Roaming Folder Homepages via the registry. 

This article will demonstrate what's changed, how it works and what it means to you.


What's changed in 8.4.1317

  • By default, the MacroView central file view pane no longer supports SharePoint site navigation through the web browser UI.


Left: SharePoint web browser interface shown in the central pane prior to 8.4.1317 when a Site or Site Collection is selected in the DMF tree view. Right: Latest update of DMF/Message, the SharePoint web browser interface has been removed.


  • The default Outlook controls are now remain visible above the file list when browsing a SharePoint file list (e.g. document library, document set or folder)



MacroView has made the decision to remove support for SharePoint site home page navigation by default due to conflicts with the October 2017 Microsoft Office update. This change was necessary to maintain the core functionality of MacroView DMF and MacroView Message.

For existing users, if the following setting is ticked you will not notice any functional difference regarding SharePoint site navigation:

  • MacroView Options > Office > Disable navigation to site homepage in Outlook

However, if this setting was not ticked your organisation had SharePoint site navigation enabled and you will notice a change in user interface shown in the screenshots above.


How to re-enable SharePoint site navigation

If you previously had site homepages displayed when using MacroView DMF or MacroView Message and require that this functionality continue when using 8.4.1317 or late, it is possible by applying workaround #2 advertised by Microsoft support in the following article:

Outlook Home Page feature is missing in folder properties

Please note that MacroView do not recommend this workaround or take responsibility for any impact resulting from applying the workaround described in the Microsoft support article.

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