Automatically save emails using user-defined tags


MacroView Predictive Email Filing is an optional module for MacroView DMF and MacroView Message designed to significantly reduce the effort associated with filing emails by automatically saving them based on tracking tags.

This article assumes you are familiar with Predictive Email Filing and discusses new changes to User-Defined Tags. If you aren't familiar with Predictive Email Filing and would like to find out more before reading this update, please read the following knowledge base article: What is MacroView Predictive Email Filing?


How it works

If sent and received emails within your organisation contain tags in the email subject line that define where the email should be saved in SharePoint, MacroView Predictive Email Filing will identify those tags and either save emails automatically or suggest locations where the email should be saved.

When using MacroView Predictive Email Filing with User-Defined Tags each tag is assumed to be unique to a conversation such that the location where an email is saved by end users define the suggested or default location for future emails containing the same tag.  This means that the suggested or default location associated with a tag can be updated by any user by simply saving the email to a different location.  


Preventing users from changing the location associated with a user defined tracking tag

If the user defined tags in emails are not unique to each conversation but rather define a save location for multiple emails related to a specific project, matter etc., the ability for end users to update the save location for a user defined tag can be disabled when using MacroView Predictive Email Filing Server version 5.2.8 or later.

To disable this functionality set the following registry value under the user profile:


With this setting enabled the default save location is not updated when a copy of email is saved to a different location.   

Note that configuring MacroView Predictive Email Filing in this was assumes that a location for each tag has been predefined.  This can be achieved by having designated administrators use MacroView DMF or Message without this setting enabled to save an email containing each tag to set or update the default save location. Alternatively MacroView can provide a custom solution for updating the entries in the MacroView Predictive Email Filing database.

For more information on MacroView Predictive Email Filing visit our website, refer to the MacroView Predictive Email Filing User Guide or contact

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