What version of DMF am I running?

Client v7.4 and earlier

  1. Open the DMF tree view
  2. Select the Help menu
  3. Click About - your DMF client version will be visible in the top-right of the new window



Client v7.5 and later

  1. Open the MacroView Options window:
    • (From Outlook) Select MacroView in the ribbon bar > Options.
    • (From MacroView DMF Explorer) Select File in the ribbon bar > Options.
  2. Click Support on the left panel - your DMF client version will be visible in the bottom-right of the window.




  1. Open the SharePoint Central Admin console and select Application Management.
  2. Under the MacroView DMF heading, click on Configure MacroView DMF Server.
  3. The MacroView DMF Server version will be displayed in the bottom-left of the page.

If the server version is not displayed, then perform the following steps:

  1. Log onto the server.
  2. Open Internet Explorer to the following page (replacing SharePointServerName with the name of your SharePoint site collection):
    • http://SharePointServerName/_layouts/MacroViewDMFService.asmx
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the Version method.
  4. On the Version method page, click on Invoke to execute the method.
  5. The MacroView DMF Server Web Service version is provided in the pop-up window.


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