Refreshing your MacroView license

MacroView products require an active licence before the software will function.  How the licenses are activated or refreshed differs depending on whether you are using SharePoint Online or On-premises SharePoint.

SharePoint Online (Office 365) or Client Side Only

MacroView client side only licenses are managed via the MacroView Licensing Website.  Before they can be used MacroView products must have their licenses activated via the website.  When additional products or plug-ins are added to an existing license the license must be refreshed.

To refresh a license:

  • Sign into the MacroView Licensing website
  • Select Licences then Summary

  • Click the refresh button 

  • Select the products that are to be active

  • Click OK

For more information refer to Managing MacroView 365 and Client Side Only licenses.

On-premises SharePoint

MacroView licenses for on-premises SharePoint are managed by a MacroView License Activation web service running on a central MacroView server. Before it can be used from a client workstation the newly installed MacroView DMF web service must be activated.  If changes have been made to the license the license must be refreshed to pick up the changes.

There are different methods for refreshing the license depending on whether the server has internet connectivity or not.

Online license refresh

  • Open the SharePoint Central Administration console.
  • On SharePoint Server 2010, 2013 or 2016 select System Settings and under MacroView Licensing click on Manage product licensing.
  • Click Online Activation.
  • When your license key is shown click Next.
  • Ensure the required products are selected and click Finish.

If your SharePoint server has Internet connectivity, the MacroView Activation feature will automatically connect to the MacroView License Activation web service, send details of your installation and collect your unique license activation key.

The MacroView Activation feature will record license key details in the configuration database for the SharePoint Farm. The license key contains (in encrypted form) your “Customer Details”, “License Expiry Date” and “Licensed Seat Count”.

Offline license refresh

If your server fails to activate using the Online method then, on a computer with internet connectivity, navigate to

On this page, you will need to enter your License Key and upload the Activation Request file.

You will be prompted to save a License (XML) file. This file can then be uploaded into the “License Activation” page in Central Administration to complete the activation process.

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