How to activate a licensed DMF or Message plug-in

MacroView DMF and Message support a range of optional plug-ins that can be installed to extend on the standard functionality.  Many of these plug-ins are freely available for you to download, install and use while others require an additional license.

If the plug-in requires a license you must first obtain the license by contacting before it will function. Once you are notified that the license has been issued the activation is a two step process.

Step 1 - Refresh your DMF or Message server license

If you are using MacroView DMF or Message with SharePoint Online (Office 365) the MacroView Service team will have completed this step for you.   

If you are using on-premises SharePoint then your administrator will need to refresh the license on your SharePoint server

Step 2 - Refresh your DMF or Message client license

The MacroView DMF or Message client license only refreshes automatically when its expiry date elapses.  To force a refresh of the client license so that any changes or additions are picked up (including your new plug-in license) simply:

  1. Shutdown DMF Explorer, Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  2. Shutdown the DMF local service (yellow cube in the system tray)
  3. Delete the license files from the AppData\Roaming\MacroView DMF\Licence folder under the users profile
  4. Restart Outlook or DMF Explorer

The new plug in will now be available for use.

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