Viewing your Standardiser results

Getting started

This article is best read after going through the How to use MacroView Standardiser starter guide and standardising a library in your own environment.


Viewing your Standardiser results

Standardiser will begin to process emails in your nominated library/libraries after you press the Standardise button.

There are three ways to view your results and see the outcome of your standardisation process:

  1. Live results log - Shown in the main window, these results update in real-time. The live log shows all processes initiated by Standardiser.
  2. Results text file - A copy of the live log will be saved to your PC. You can open the save location in Windows File Explorer by clicking the Results button in the Standardiser window.
  3. Results spreadsheet - Standardiser will create a formatted CSV spreadsheet displaying a list of emails processed by Standardiser, their list ID, file path, status and notes if the email failed to standardise.


Above: Standardiser live log, displaying information for each process taken during the standardisation process. A copy of this log will also be stored locally on your computer for your records.


Information captured by Standardiser

The live results log and results text file allows you to easily analyse your results and extract important information, including:

  • The number of libraries processed
  • The direct file path, SharePoint list ID and time of emails processed
  • The status of processed emails and whether they were successfully standardised
  • Summary information including the total number of emails that passed and failed across all given libraries


Above: Standardiser saves a plain text copy of the live results log for later analysis.


If you are interested in seeing a quick rundown of your results the CSV results spreadsheet provides the clearest interpretation.


Above: The results CSV spreadsheet, clearly showing all emails processed by Standardiser

Using Microsoft Excel, you can also create your own filters and views to easily identify what happened to your emails and at what time.


Pass, Review and Fail - Understanding your email status

hat2.png Review: MacroView Standardiser will first add email the related columns, content type and view to your library, then proceed to capture the appropriate metadata and finally rename the email to ensure the file is uniquely searchable.

After Standardiser finishes processing an email, it will mark the Status of the email with one of the following results:

  • PASS - The email has been successfully standardised. The email .msg file has been renamed and standard metadata has been captured.
  • REVIEW - The email has partially standardised. At least one step failed during the standardisation process and requires attention.
  • FAIL - The email failed to standardise - no changes were made to the email.

As shown above, the results .csv file will provide a brief comment with common causes for why an email may fail to standardise.

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