How to increase tree view performance in high volume areas

DMF tree view and the list view threshold

MacroView DMF is designed to handle large volume locations better than the default experience in the SharePoint browser UI.

If you are a SharePoint Online user, you will find that once reaching the list view threshold, the browser UI will not show you the contents of your library unless you select another view or create a new one.


Above: Attempting to view a SharePoint Online document library containing more than 5000 folders results in this view by default.


On the other hand, MacroView DMF will successfully open the library and allow you to filter, page or scroll through your view to open your desired location.


Above: MacroView DMF allows users to successfully view the same library affected by the list view threshold

Best practice for optimal performance

MacroView recommend the following tips when expanding a node with more than 5000 items:

  • If you know which library, folder or document set you wish locate in the node, use the filter that automatically prompts when opening a large tree. This reduces the number of locations DMF will need to process in order to display your tree.
  • To filter even further, use the Search Site Tree right-click option to search and take you directly to the location you want to open.


If you need to view all potential locations in your tree (similar to the screenshot above), MacroView recommend the following registry settings which will greatly improve performance and have very low impact on user experience:

  • EnableToolTipDisplayForFolderDescription = 0. With this option set to 0, it removes the overhead required to display the tooltip when hovering over a folder in the tree view.
  • EnableVirtualTree = 1. With this option set to 1, DMF will re-use rendered nodes when possible in the tree as you scroll through the view. This prevents the tree from rendering 5000+ folders at once.
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