Managing client side search panels changes

When using MacroView DMF and Message with SharePoint Online or an on-premises SharePoint server in Client Side Only mode, the configuration file for the search panels displayed in Search mode are read from the O365Masks.xml file located under the users profile at:

C:\Users\<yourprofile>\AppData\Roaming\MacroView DMF\Store

This means each user can have unique search panels, however if all users share the same search panels any changes need to either be copied to all other computers or the search panel configuration file location need to be changed to somewhere accessible to all users.

Changing the search mask location

To see an alternate location for the search mask configuration file (o365Masks.xml) open the DMF options dialog, slect the support tab and select the location under Search Settings.

The file location can be any shared network location (by entering the URL) or a location within SharePoint using the Select Location dialog.  

If this is a common user for all users, of a group of users, they will see the change when they next start Outlook or DMF Explorer or if they hit the refresh button in Search mode.

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