Document sets appear as folders in SharePoint Online


A document set created by DMF displayed as a folder in the web browser UI.

For these document sets, the DMF profiling dialog offered all document content types including those not defined as ‘allowed’ for the document set.

This issue only occurs for SharePoint Online.


The above issues are resolved in DMF version 8.4.1387.

It should be noted that the fix is not retrospective. Document sets that were created with earlier versions of DMF (8.4.1297 through to the current release 8.4.1383) will continue to have these issues.

The following steps are required to fix existing document sets with the issues.

  1. Create a new document set using the latest release of DMF
  2. Move the contents from the old document set to the new document set.
  3. Delete the old document set.

The MacroView Doc Set Inspector is available to identify and list the URLs of all document sets in a particular site with these issues. The file containing this tool can be downloaded from the link below:

 MacroView Doc Set Inspector for Windows

Extract the files and run the MacroView.DMF.DocSetInspector.exe. The following dialog will display.



Replace the <Find in path> text with the site path to be scanned.

Click the finder bar.

The url for any document sets in the site with the issue will be listed in the dialog and also in a txt file named with the current date in the format yyyymmdd.txt. If you run this tool across multiple sites the url for any document sets in the site with the issue are appended to this file. This file can be located in the DocSetFinder folder created when the files are extracted.


Note: If no document sets in the site have the issue the list area below the finder bar will remain blank in the dialog.


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