Map Folder to Choice


The Map Folder to Choice plugin will automatically set a default value of any choice metadata column based on the name of the SharePoint folder a file is being saved to.

An example of where this can be useful would be if your libraries have a sub folder for each document type (e.g. Memo or Letter) and you would like all files saved to that folder to have their Document Type choice metadata column set automatically as you save to that location.

How it works

Map Folder to Choice requires the following conditions to be met in order to function:

  • Your MacroView DMF or Message license includes this plugin 
  • You are using MacroView DMF or MacroView message to save a file to SharePoint
  • The save location is a folder below a document set of the configured content type
  • The selected document content type matches the configured document content type
  • The selected document content type contains the configured choice column
  • The destination folder name matches a valid value on the configured choice column 

If all of the above conditions are met the default value for the specified choice column will be set to the title of the folder where to document is being saved. 


exclamationmark.png Important: This plug-in will only function once they are added to your MacroView DMF or Message license. Contact to obtain a license for these plug-ins.  

Close Microsoft Outlook, DMF Explorer (if applicable) and the MacroView DMF Local Service then download and run the Map Choice to Folder installer that corresponds with your installation of Windows.

 Map Folder to Choice 1.0.1 for x64 Windows

 Map Folder to Choice 1.0.1 for x86 Windows

Minimum requirements
  • MacroView DMF or MacroView Message 8.4.1122 or later

If after installing the plug-in is not available refer to how to activate a licensed DMF or Message plug-in.


The settings that dictate when the Map Folder to Choice plugin will take affect are specified under the following branch in the registry:


The following three string values should be changed to suit your requirements by specifying the document set and document content types and the internal column name of the choice metadata column:

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