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The Followed Sites plugin adds SharePoint sites you are following to a Followed Sites group in the MacroView DMF or Message favourite mode.


How it works

Followed Site will automatically check for any changes to the sites you are following on all configured servers each time the favourites are refreshed.  A refresh can be triggered manually using the Refresh Favourites option on the MacroView tab in Outlook. 

Followed Sites are otherwise refreshed automatically each time the MacroView DMF local service is started (i.e. the first time DMF Explorer or Outlook is started in a Windows session) and when a user switches to Favourites mode. After a refresh, no further refreshes are triggered until 5 minutes has elapsed. This is to prevent waste of bandwidth and other resources if a user was to switch rapidly in and out of Favourites mode or click rapidly on the Refresh favourites button.

Refer to Follow or Stop Following Sites if you want to add right-click options in MacroView DMF or MacroView Message to add and remove followed sites.


Close Microsoft Outlook, DMF Explorer (if applicable) and the MacroView DMF Local Service then download and run the Followed Sites installer that corresponds with your installation of Windows.

 Followed Sites 1.0.2 for x64 Windows

 Followed Sites 1.0.2 for x86 Windows

Minimum requirements
  • MacroView DMF or MacroView Message 8.4.1122 or later
  • SharePoint 2013 or later


MacroView DMF and Message 8.4.1394 and earlier ship with an out-of-the-box Push Favourites solution which needs to be removed if you are installing the Followed Sites plug in.  To remove the out-of-the-box solution delete the following file on each pc where DMF or Message is installed.

C:\Program Files\MacroView\DMF\Extensions\MacroView\PushFavorites\MacroView.DMF.PushFavorites.dll

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